You’ve now not only combined all the devices to a single app (Smart Life) instead of using many different apps, you also connected them all to Google Now, and you can proceed to do the same with Amazon Alexa. Start new topic; Recommended Posts. Ran into another issue last night trying to add another plug. Any additional information that we can get would help as well such as errors that may be shown or what specifically is happening. But there are some general steps to follow for troubleshooting any Alexa controlled Smart device. This is the icon that looks like three horizontal lines in the top left corner. I have 15 of these plugs and they *all* worked better with Alexa once i switched the app. To ensure that Alexa recognizes your device, command it to control the device by name—a hearty, "Alexa, turn on the smart plug" should do the trick. By btreinders, December 1, 2016 in Amazon Echo. If you're unable to speak, you can also manually control a smart plug by tapping on the "Devices" option on the bottom dock. Try to reboot the smart device and re-discover on Alexa. Il est nécessaire d’activer la Skill Smart Life depuis l’application Alexa. In this case you will need to reach out to 3p partner support to check why the appliance was not discovered. I have 3 lamps in my living room that i'd like to control with an alexa dot. Connect your Smart Life to hundreds of other services. Make sure that your Alexa device and your Amazon Smart Plug … This gives you voice control over all the lights in your house. gh_automation, Android, gh.

(6). From here, you'll be able to view devices by type and by groups. Cookies help us deliver our Services. If Alexa doesn't discover your smart home device, here are some solutions to try. Disconnect your smart home device using the Disable option for your device in the Alexa app. If not, you may need to reset the plug in smart life, then add it again. If your password doesn't start with a capital letter, make sure the mobile app doesn't accidentally capitalize it. Make sure the TV name is displayed in the Amazon Alexa app. If you've linked your Wyze account through the Alexa app, you can open the Alexa app (or go to and select Smart Home. Community content may not be verified or up-to-date. Then, re-enable your smart home device again. Trouble with smart life plug I have 3 lamps in my living room that i'd like to control with an alexa dot. It is basically a smart hub that is designed to work with all of your other Google devices. Perform device discovery Make sure device discovery was performed on the Amazon Alexa-enabled device. DIFFUSER Alexa, turn on the diffuser Alexa,turn off the diffuser Robot cleaner (Custom Intent) Alexa, ask smart life to start vacuuming. Now do Amazon Alexa next! After you set up your smart plug in the app, you still have to set it up with Alexa if you want to control it with voice commands or create a routine with the Alexa app. Select the department you want to search in. If you need more information, your router manufacturer is in the best position to help. Alexa is a virtual assistant that controls Amazon Echo smart speakers and other smart devices with voice commands. Disconnect your smart home device using the Disable option for your device in the Alexa app.

Smart Life provides extraordinary experience with your smart home appliances, including smart plugs, smart lights, air conditioners, humidifiers... As long as your device works with Smart Life, you'll be able to build automation tasks through IFTTT like turning on the living room light when you're back home. Wait till Echo says “Discover is completed”; (9). Alexa Not Discovering Hue. I have been using this set up for over two years. Details. Upgraded to 13.2.3 and was able to add the plug successfully. Launch the Alexa app. 1. The process would not go beyond step 4. Wireless connection could have been lost. Mine can't even pair. Talk to Echo "“Alexa,discover devices.”. If you are re-linking a Harmony device, select Welcome Back on the YOUR SETTINGS HAVE BEEN RESTORED page. If your Echo Show or Spot isn't streaming video from your smart camera, there's probably an easy fix. But then things went down hill from there. Smart Life App WiFI Light Switches. Then make your updates, and select Link Account. Just because a device responded to voice commands a minute ago does not mean it will the next time you ask. Customer opens Alexa app and enables the smart home skill associated with device. Says wifi needs to be 2.4ghz. Once unlinked, try enabling it again with Works with. 5 Smart Switches 4 Smart Bulbs 1 Smart Plug Up until the evening of 12/13/16 they were working fine with Alexa and with the Kasa app on my phone. Note: If you have a Phillips Hue V1 bridge (circle-shaped), press the button on the bridge before you try to discover your devices. You can use Alexa to turn on/off or change the scenes of your lights whenever you want, by using just your voice. NEW: Alexa IFTTT Triggers As of November 12, 2015, there are now two official ways to integrate Alexa and SmartThings. La première fois, il faut que vous saisissiez vos identifiants et mot de passe. Edit payment info, 1-Click Settings La skill Smart Life. The thing flashes blue for a bit, and then turns red. I have Google WiFi. Ask the community. The first way is fast and simple, and can do any one thing that you can do in the official SmartThings IFTTT channel. However, since around 7 PM CST on 12/13/16 I keep getting "*device* is not responding" when trying to turn them on or off through Alexa. Use your computer to update your router settings. Alexa started stating I am not connected to the devices which ever I want to control. Yesterday I had to do a Z-wave repair session after removing a Schlage lock which went off line due to battery power. EVERY Alexa-Compatible Smart Device will most likely glitch at some point in time. Try talk to Echo to control your devices. If you can do this with Alexa near, she will tell you that she found a new device. Gave up. Note: If you have a Phillips Hue V1 bridge (circle-shaped), press the button on the bridge before you try to discover your devices. Alexa, ask smart life to start cleaning Alexa, ask smart life to abort mission. You can check or change the Wi-Fi settings in the Alexa app: Note: Some smart home device only work with 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi band connections. I've already done the following: Try asking Alexa to discover your smart home devices again by saying, "Discover my devices.". Please select what best describes the information: Thanks! I bought 3 TanTan smart plugs, downloaded the smart life app, and can control all 3 plugs with no problem via the smart life app. This will unlink it from the account. La Skill s’active ensuite et la recherche des … Search the Alexa Skills directory for "TCP Smart"; (7). Then, re-enable your smart home device again. Disconnect your smart home device using the. Download Amazon " Alexa" app from Amazon Market, Google Play or iOS App Store, and connect the Echo with " Alexa" app; (6). Disable and re-enable the skill for your smart home device in the Alexa app. Press J to jump to the feed. Select your country and enter your Smart Life app account credentials. Download and install any software updates available for your devices. Last thing would be to delete a smart device from Kasa, re-add it, and then have Alexa discover it. Smart Life App Plugs. Tap ‘Link Now’ > ‘Authorise’. Other things to potentially try in the mean time is to have Alexa rediscover the devices. The brain behind Amazon's voice powered devices like Echo, FireTV etc. Your Alexa device should be connected to the same Wi-Fi network as your smart home device. Check that your Alexa device and the Alexa app have the latest software version. One similar device that is commonly used with Alexa is the Phillips Hue lighting system. Remove the skill and reinstall it and sign in again . Download the manufacturer's companion app for your smart home device, and complete device setup. Your Smart Life app and Alexa app are now officially linked. Learn more. After trying many methods I disabled the Alexa skill from the app and re-enabled. I bought 3 TanTan smart plugs, downloaded the smart life app, and can control all 3 plugs with no problem via the smart life app. Then you just pick from the dropdown options In the Devices tab, tap your camera then use the options to delete or disable the camera. Tap the menu on the Alexa app. Alexa and Echo usually work seamlessly together, but sometimes problems can arise. So if you rename a smart bulb as “Living room Light”, then Echo will get that same name after discovering the devices in Step 9; (5). I then try to connect it to Alexa. Download and install any software updates available for your devices. Alexa not discovering devices Alexa not discovering devices. Can you go in to the Alexa app and see the device there? I followed the instruction by entering my Alexa account in the app (I used my e-mail address), and then I added the EcoPlugs Skill in Alexa, verifying by entering my e-mail again. You pick any phrase you want to use, and use that as the “if” in the Alexa channel at IFTTT for a new recipe. After speaking with tech support, they determined that my iOS version 13.1.3 was the issue. 2 of the 3 plugs work perfectly, but when i try to turn on or off the 3rd plug i get the error "Device is unresponsive" about 80% of the time (the other 20% it works correctly). View purchased books & apps, Your Subscriptions The team was working on this for you and they found that skill returned with 0 end points. Devices & Content Alexa not working with your smart home camera? Now all setup is done. Control your home appliances with the smart plug by simply giving voice commands to Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant. Détails de la Skill Skill Maison connectée. Please help. All devices were discovered. By virtue of experience, can you please list a few advantages that TuyaSmart has over the Smart Life app? Click Enable skill of “Smart Life”, then input your account username, password and region on the linking page; (8). I am supposed to make Alexa discover the device (Eco Plug). Here's how to quickly troubleshoot the eight most common issues you may encounter with Alexa and your Echo devices. Can't get Smart Life to set up a plug. Alexa, tell smart life to give my cat a ride. How you can update / resync devices with Google Assistant from Smart life app Recommended Answer Recommended Answers (1) F. Feb S. 10/11/18. Restart your Alexa device and your smart home device. Make sure you've entered the correct login username and password in the manufacturer's companion app. Try reboot the device and re-discover on Alexa. You’ve connected the devices! Smart Life app and Tuya Smart Apps help you to make your home a smart home. Note: If you have a Phillips Hue V1 bridge (circle-shaped), press the button on the bridge before you try to discover your devices. Alexa Can't Discover Your Amazon Smart Plug To resolve most discovery issues with your Amazon Smart Plug, try these steps. Alexa Not Discovering Nest. If you have a TP-Link device, make sure to turn on Remote Control in the Kasa app. If not, check your internet access and remote control settings. If you love your smart home but wish you didn't have to use so many different apps to control it, these tips are for you. Mobile devices default to capitalizing the first letter of a word when typing in a field box. 1 Recommended Answer 19 Replies 226 Upvotes. Select Smart Life and tap ‘Enable’. (this is assuming you have other smart devices that do work. Prime members enjoy fast & free shipping, unlimited streaming of movies and TV shows with Prime Video and many more exclusive benefits. Double check whether Kasa App can remotely control the device or not. Le pilotage à la voix avec Alexa se fait très simplement. If the TV name isn't displayed, perform the device discovery again in the TV Control Setup with Amazon Alexa app on the TV. Smart life is a disaster. For instance, it can be used to control Nest Thermostat, Nest audio, etc. Do you have to reset / re-add all the devices, as part of the app switch over? Search the Alexa Skills directory for “Smart Life”; (7). Any ideas of what i can do to fix it, or do i just have a defective plug? Smart Life app says wifi has to be 2.4ghz. There's a few things you can do here to make your smart life easier. Here's how to fix it. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. There's a problem loading this menu at the moment. Also, make sure there's no blank space before or after the username. Alexa, tell smart life to stop cleaning. Then I opened the Alexa app and successfully discovered all 3 plugs. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Deliver books, apps to your device, Digital Purchases I tried moving the plug around to other parts of the room, but even when right next to the wifi router i get the same issue. Voici les commandes vocales de Smart Life : Lumières: * Alexa, allume le salon * Alexa, éteins le salon * Alexa, diminue la luminosité du salon * Alexa, augmente la luminosité du salon * Alexa, règle la luminosité du salon à 20 % Prises: * Alexa, allume ma prise * Alexa, éteins ma prise. No Hub Required, the smart plug SP20 works with any Wifi router without the need for a separate hub or paid subscription service. Ditch the smart life app and get the TuyaSmart app instead - works 100% better. Upvote (226) Subscribe Unsubscribe. Through the Alexa smart home app, it's actually a bit of a time-consuming chore to remove devices; albeit an easy task. Download and install any software updates available for your devices. Alexa fails to discover devices, how can I do? Smart Life is a smart device management App for you to control and manage your intelligent home products easier and to live smarter. If this is the only one, you may have other things going on with your network) While we're unable to respond directly to your feedback, Customer is immediately prompted to sign in with credentials used in previous step. This isn't the information I was looking for, Can't Connect a Smart Home Device to Echo Plus, Quick Fixes for Using Alexa with Smart Home Cameras, Alexa Doesn't Discover Your Smart Home Device, © 1996-2020,, Inc. or its affiliates. Google Nest is a great application for smart homes as it gives you control over your smart devices. Follow the on-screen instructions to update your Wi-Fi information. Thanks, that actually seems to have solved it! Alexa, tell smart life to pause vacuuming. By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. Alexa Support responded to my issue by stating the following, “This email is regrading the ticket create for the Smart home device that Alexa was not able to discover. Never got it and Alexa to work here in New Zealand. Change your address, Digital and Device Forum Check with your smart home device manufacturer for more information. Why does the device’s status Show “Offline” on Alexa? Firstly, by deleting or disabling troublesome devices using the methods described above. we'll use this information to improve our online Help.

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